Data Centre SSDs: No Power Loss Protection (PLP) Means No S2D Deployments

Reading this article on Serve The Home this morning: Kingston DC450R SSD Released SATA and 3.84TB Maximum. The Kingston DC450R SSD is being released with “Data Center Series” on the sticker. But, it does not have power loss protection (PLP) so how could this be? The suspicion here is that […]

Microsoft Ignite 2019: Some Session and Attendee Tips

Attending Microsoft Ignite events over the last number of years have always been very rewarding. This year, we’re knee deep into building out a new business that includes Azure Stack HCI certifying custom platforms. We’ve invested all of our R&D budget and time into this process so no go on […]

HILTI: Adaptive Torque Module SI-AT-A22 – Software Download Location

The HILTI Adaptive torque module has a software component that needs to be downloaded for programing, management, and reporting. HILTI Adaptive Torque Module SI-AT-A22 The instruction booklet mentions the need to obtain the AT Documentation Software but it was not readily apparent where we were to get the software. The […]

Azure Web App: Site Experiencing Difficulties HTTP Errors – Fix

We started getting alerts from JetPack that our WordPress site,, was offline. Sure enough, browsing to the site lead to a “This site is experiencing technical difficulties.” white page. Since our WordPress site is hosted in Azure, we logged on to the portal and clicked into the AppService blade […]

Business Tip: Office Lens Those Receipts

Throughout the day we can process quite a few credit card and debit transactions. Getting those receipts into our bookkeeping system can be a challenge. Enter Microsoft’s Office Lens app. Office Lens on iPhone – Co-op Albany Fuel Receipt Start the app and point it at the receipt in question. […]

Remote Desktop Services Vulnerabilities: Now what?

There have been a number of vulnerabilities published for the Remote Desktop Services protocol stack over the last little while. The catch with all of them is to have a RDP listener open to the Internet on any port with Network Level Authentication disabled or not available as it was […]

AMD RADEON PRO WX 3100 Integration Notes

We’re in the process of custom building an Intel Xeon Processor E-2278G series workstation. The graphics card that’s being installed is the AMD RADEON PRO WX 3100. The system will be driving three monitors with two across the bottom and one above middle to them. When getting ready to install […]

Microsoft and Partners: Just whose customers are they anyway?

Tweet that started everything: Andrew Solmssen Tweet My snarky comment on the above: [QUOTE] They are not the Partner’s customer they are Microsoft’s customer and they belong all in the cloud. The Ask Me Anything debacle that never got posted was where I heard the first part from the horse’s […]

Veeam: Manage the SQL Instance Memory Limit

One of our standalone Hyper-V hosts was experiencing performance issues with the Remote Desktop Session Host that provides the company’s primary user environment. The main application running on the session host can be a bit finicky so we ran the gamut troubleshooting within the guest OS. The performance drags were […]

IMPORTANT: SonicWALL Vulnerability Patch for Remote Management

We don’t receive a lot of these kinds of messages from SonicWALL so when it came in it was treated with much suspicion. The message can be found here: SonicWALL Security Advisory Announcement Below is a quote with all of the tracking stuff removed from the URLs. July 19, 2019A […]