SMB & SME IT Pro Ransomware Protection Guidance

The following is a list of things we can do to help protect our client’s networks from a Ransomware Attack or recover from one if someone does end up doing something they should not have. Train users to not click ENABLE MACROs. Image Credit: Remember, those little EXTERNAL flags […]

A Glimpse Into Our Future: AMD EPYC Rome

Courtesy of AMD (thanks Marco!), we have a couple AMD EPYC Rome 7502 series CPUs for our systems we plan on Azure Stack HCI certifying! AMD EPYC Rome 7502 Processors with Intel Scalable Socket Cover In the above image we laid an Intel Xeon Scalable socket cover above the AMD […]

OS Guide: Slipstream Updates Using DISM and OSCDImg Updated

We’ve updated our slipstream guide. A link to the OSCDImg download via the ADK is now included along with some additional instructions. Crayon has been loaded and tweaked to work with our WordPress so the script is so much easier to read. 🙂 OS Guide: Slipstream Updates Using DISM and […]

Data Leak: 1.2B Unique People’s Worth

This news is more than disappointing: Personal and Social information of 1.2 billion people Discovered in Massive Data Leak The old cliché: Ignorance is Bliss Anyone else out there not know what “Data Enrichment” is and that there are companies out there that do this and then sell that information? […]

Buyer Beware: Haier Commercial Series Portable A/C Failures

We’ve been running Haier commercial dual hose 13K BTU portable air conditioners for a long time now. The model we were using went through a design “refresh” within the last year. The “new” model has had pretty much a 100% fail rate. In a few locations where a single hose […]

Windows 10 Start Menu Critical Error – Fixed

This was a weird one for Windows 10 v1903: Critical Error: Your Start menu isn’t working. We’ll try to fix it the next time you sign in. Well, the user goes to log on and sure enough, the same thing happens again. We tried all manner of fix short of […]