Veeam R&D Forums Digest: THE WORD FROM GOSTEV for February 7-13, 2022

One of the most important e-mails that hits our Inbox on a weekly basis unless there’s a break in there is the Veeam R&D Forums Digest by Anton Gostev. I’ve mentioned it before but this week’s post is especially important so it’s below verbatim. To subscribe: Sign into the Veeam […]

Windows Server 2022 and RUFUS

We are setting up a new 2-node AMD EPYC Rome S2D (Storage Spaces Direct) cluster and hit a bit of a snag with the new version of RUFUS that lists the following options when formatting the drive: Windows 11 with TPM/SecureBoot Windows 11 without TPM/SecureBoot Our cluster nodes refused to […]

Starlink: North Central Alberta (N of YEG) Good to Go

We’ve had a lot of grief with our WiFi LTE based ISP connection (Xplornet) since the beginning of last year. We tried tech support a number of times even going so far as to pay for a technician to come out and verify that our antenna was pointing correctly as […]

Weekly Veeam R&D Forums Digest

Whether you use Veeam or not, it’s a _really_ good idea to subscribe to Anton Gostev’s weekly Veeam R&D Forums Digest. Veeam R&D Forums User Control Panel Anton always keeps us up to date on what’s happening with the various Veeam products whether it’s support issues, updates, KB pointers, upcoming […]

Apple M1 ARM64 – Parallels, Windows, and Office Caveat

We are setting up a new Apple MacBook Air with the M1 ARM64 based processor. There are a couple of caveats when it comes to setting up Windows and Office on the new chip: Parallels for ARM64 is in Beta Mode Windows for ARM64 is in Beta Mode The same […]

Azure Stack HCI/Storage Spaces Direct: Optimal Network Configuration

There are many ways one can go about setting up the networking for an Azure Stack HCI (ASHCI)/Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) cluster. TL;DR Our rule of thumb is to start with four 25GbE ports via two network adapters for multiple nodes requiring switches or even in smaller […]