Awarded Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) for 2019-2020!

With our Canadian day off on July 1st things have been quite brisk getting things done prior to and post holiday. Microsoft Announcement E-mail It is very humbling to receive this award. Thank you to Microsoft for the renewal. The last few years have been challenging (blog post on my […]

I want to get started in IT in a Cloud First World. What do I do?

The following were drawn up during a mentoring session this morning. How do I start? The first thing we need to do is get the business essentials in place. A business identity and a professional presentation are very important. An @Hotmail.Com address, or other such generic e-mail services, is definitely […]

AMD’s Game Changer: EPYC Rome and S2D

A conversation on the S2D Slack channel brought about a realization that we are on the cusp of one of the bigger technology shifts in the CPU industry in a very long time. Since Intel incorporated Core into their Intel Xeon line many, many years ago where we saw a […]

Windows 10: Dark Mode for All

This was something learned this morning: Dark Mode for virtually all apps that can do it! If there’s one thing we’ve discovered, LCD/LED monitors are intense on the eyes. At times, it can be like not wearing sunglasses on a sunny day outside with snow on the ground: Snow Blind. […]

Intuit QuickBooks: Freeze/Crash on Open: Error UCRTBase.DLL – FIX

So, we went through the gamut of troubleshooting in our previous post: Intuit QuickBooks: Freeze/Crash or Error 6123 When Opening a QB Company File – FIX Running the QB Refresher utility worked on any user profile where no company files were opened before. Since we used a local admin account […]

Azure Web App: Use IIS to Generate a SSL Certificate

We have a need to set up SSL certificates for a number of the WordPress sites we have set up as an Azure Web App. The simplest way to do this, at least for us, is to use the built-in CSR certificate request mechanism as we just happen to have […]

Azure Portal: Rename a Resource Group?

We set up some resources initially for a client setup. But, in the end we need to have several small Web Apps in the same Resource Group so we went to rename it. There is _no_ way to rename an Azure Resource Group in the portal. :S So, we click […]

Protecting a Hyper-V Host and Backup Repository from Malware and Ransomware

With the abundance of malware and ransomware it’s absolutely necessary that we take the time to examine our virtualization host and backup structures. Volume Shadow Copies Obviously not a “backup” Most ransomware kills all shadow copies available on a system Backup to Disk/NAS/SAN Disk Rotated NAS/SAN needs to be streamed […]