Server/NAS Recipe for Storage Spaces or FreeNAS Veeam Backup Storage

The following is a recipe that we’d look at using for a backup destination for Veeam. Our current preference is for Storage Spaces set up for the requested 64KB Allocation Size but we’re looking into Linux Harden Repositories as an option.

As far as drives, we’d look to a pair of read intensive SATA SSDs for cache and enterprise SATA 7,200 RPM NearLine hard disks for capacity storage.

The above setup can be tweaked for a higher ingest need by adding in a Mellanox/NVIDIA 25GbE dual-port network adapter and replacing the SATA cache drives with NVMe as there are a couple SlimSASx8 ports that would allow for up to four NVMe drives to be plugged in. Bumping up from 8 cores to 16 would be something to consider depending on the ingest rate over time.

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