PowerShell Guide: Install Exchange Server 2019 CU11+ Into Server Core

We’ve added the following PowerShell Guide to our KB: PowerShell Guide: Install Exchange 2019 CU11+ into Windows Server Core

The above PowerShell allows us to install on Windows Server Core but it also has the setup for breaking out the three components of Exchange into their own partition:

  • D: Exchange Program Files
  • E: Exchange Database File(s)
  • F: Exchange Logs

Breaking things out in this manner allows us to recover the OS without impacting the Exchange install if a Windows Update takes the OS out.

It allows us to restore the Exchange program files if something breaks and use a Forklift Recovery (Overwrite Databases Enabled) to get our Exchange Server back up and running on short order.

As always, make sure to back up your infrastructure and bare-metal or bare-hypervisor test restore those backups to verify their viability if things should go totally south.

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