Windows Server 2022 and RUFUS

We are setting up a new 2-node AMD EPYC Rome S2D (Storage Spaces Direct) cluster and hit a bit of a snag with the new version of RUFUS that lists the following options when formatting the drive:

  • Windows 11 with TPM/SecureBoot
  • Windows 11 without TPM/SecureBoot

Our cluster nodes refused to boot from the USB Flash Drive (why we leave a USB flash drive plugged in to the server) no matter which setting we chose.

So, we downloaded an earlier version: RUFUS 3.15P.

Sure enough, the flash drive booted without issue and we had a Windows Server 2022 OS freshly installed:


Windows Server 2022 SConfig

Note the first line: Set-SConfig -AutoLaunch $False


Disabling the SConfig Menu

Yup. That’s first on the list for our node setup PoSh! 😉

Philip Elder
Microsoft High Availability MVP

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