AMD RADEON PRO WX 3100 Integration Notes

We’re in the process of custom building an Intel Xeon Processor E-2278G series workstation.

The graphics card that’s being installed is the AMD RADEON PRO WX 3100.

The system will be driving three monitors with two across the bottom and one above middle to them.

When getting ready to install the card there are two things of note:

  1. The graphics card is shipped with the short bracket attached
  2. There’s a protective covering on the cover



Prior to installing the card in the system we made sure to remove the plastic covering.


AMD RADEON PRO WX 3100 Large Bracket Installed

Also important to note is the three different screws used to mount the bracket. There are two different screws for the bracket to PCB mount. The mounting from the backside is bronze in colour and screws into the blue heat shield, the other is silver and faces opposite. The final is a small beveled screw that mounts the bracket to the heat shield from the front.

Once installed, it’s a thing of simplicity.


AMD RADEON PRO WX 3100 Installed

With the advent of dual M.2 connectors on the motherboard and a graphics card that does not require secondary power our builds no longer have the big cable mess we used to have. Modular power supplies help a lot with that as we only plug in the motherboard primary and CPU secondary power connections and that’s about it.

The finished product:


The system specifications are:

  • Intel Xeon Processor E-2278G
  • Crucial 32G ECC RAM (16GB x2)
  • Gigabyte C246M-WU4
  • Intel SSD 7600p 1TB RAID 1 (1TB x2)
    • This board does not require a VROC add-in
  • SilverStone FT03 chassis and 750 watt quiet power supply

The FT03 was chosen because it will be sitting on a small shelf under the desk. As a result, we’ll be able to hook up all of the cables simply and cleanly as the motherboard is mounted such that the brackets are facing the top (upwards). It’s a unique design that really works for this scenario.

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