Awarded Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) for 2019-2020!

With our Canadian day off on July 1st things have been quite brisk getting things done prior to and post holiday. Microsoft Announcement E-mail It is very humbling to receive this award. Thank you to Microsoft for the renewal. The last few years have been challenging (blog post on my […]

I want to get started in IT in a Cloud First World. What do I do?

The following were drawn up during a mentoring session this morning. How do I start? The first thing we need to do is get the business essentials in place. A business identity and a professional presentation are very important. An @Hotmail.Com address, or other such generic e-mail services, is definitely […]

AMD’s Game Changer: EPYC Rome and S2D

A conversation on the S2D Slack channel brought about a realization that we are on the cusp of one of the bigger technology shifts in the CPU industry in a very long time. Since Intel incorporated Core into their Intel Xeon line many, many years ago where we saw a […]

Windows 10: Dark Mode for All

This was something learned this morning: Dark Mode for virtually all apps that can do it! If there’s one thing we’ve discovered, LCD/LED monitors are intense on the eyes. At times, it can be like not wearing sunglasses on a sunny day outside with snow on the ground: Snow Blind. […]

Azure Web App: Use IIS to Generate a SSL Certificate

We have a need to set up SSL certificates for a number of the WordPress sites we have set up as an Azure Web App. The simplest way to do this, at least for us, is to use the built-in CSR certificate request mechanism as we just happen to have […]

Azure Portal: Rename a Resource Group?

We set up some resources initially for a client setup. But, in the end we need to have several small Web Apps in the same Resource Group so we went to rename it. There is _no_ way to rename an Azure Resource Group in the portal. :S So, we click […]