Azure Web Apps: Subdomain DNS A Record Error

When setting up the Azure Web App for WordPress we had already set up the DNS A and TXT records needed to get the custom domain URL going.

Or so we thought.


Domain ownership: To verify domain ownership create TXT and A records with your DNS provider using the configuration below.

A close-up of error indictor:


In domain hosting lingo the @ sign means root of the domain.

The DNS A record looks correct:


DNS A Record @ Root to

When we look at the TXT record the same applies. It looks correct:


DNS TXT Record @ Root to

Since the warning indicates 48 hours for DNS propagation we waited for a few days and tried again only to get the same results.

It took a question to Azure support to find out that the above example was incorrect. Plus the CNAME result also provided a clue to what was causing the problem:


CNAME record needed for www or subdomain

In the end, the DNS A and TXT records test needed the subdomain blog to complete successfully finish!


Domain ownership proven

The DNS A and TXT record settings:


DNS A blog


DNS TXT blog

The highlighted area with the @ root should read @ or  www subdomain:


Thanks for reading!

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