Azure Web App: Display Server Requests Metrics on Dashboard

A quick at-a-glance way to get an idea of just how much traffic is flowing in an Azure Web App is to pin the statistics to the Dashboard.


Azure Web App: Server requests statistics

To do so is a fairly simple process.

  1. Log on to the Azure Portal
  2. Click on the Web App in question
    • image
  3. Scroll the left hand column down to Metrics
    • image
  4. Click on RESOURCE to bring up the Select a resource blade
  5. Choose the Analytics resource
    • image
  6. Click the Apply button
    • image
  7. Scroll the METRIC dropdown to SERVER and choose Server Requests
    • image
  8. Click the Pin to dashboard button
    • image
  9. A choice can be made to pin to the current or another Dashboard
    • image

Once done, we have a great view of our Azure Web App!

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