Buyer Beware: Haier Commercial Series Portable A/C Failures

We’ve been running Haier commercial dual hose 13K BTU portable air conditioners for a long time now.

The model we were using went through a design “refresh” within the last year.

The “new” model has had pretty much a 100% fail rate.

In a few locations where a single hose was available we tried the 12K BTU Haier A/C units but the squirrel cage fans kept exploding on the hot side.

It seems that Haier imported that bad setup into the refreshed 13K BTU dual hose units:


Haier HPFD14XCT-B Hot Side Fan Exploded

Needless to say, we’ve written off any possibility of purchasing another Haier product and highly recommend avoiding their portable A/C units going forward.

Feel free to PING us with your recommendations please. 🙂

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